Show Tables and Generate WordPress Shortcode

You may use this page to help you test and generate shortcodes to embed on your WordPress site and show tables of fixtures, results and leagues. Go to Hockey GMS Feed in the Plugin Directory to find out more about the plugin and add the plugin to your site.

Select Club, Team or Competition

The default is to show CLUB wide fixtures for the next match day using a dynamic widget which includes a filter.

Alternatively select TEAM to focus on one team or COMPETITION for league tables only.

Use the checkboxes to select the tables to show e.g. League, Results, Fixtures. Note that fixtures and results are only found for the current season. League tables are available for competitions from previous seasons.

You must use the search buttons to lookup Club, Team and Competition IDs.

The tables selected and widget/shortcode will be shown when you click on the SHOW button.

If a team is in multiple competitions, then clear the Competition ID field to show fixtures and results for all competitions.
If you select a competition from a previous season then only league tables are available (no fixtures or results will be found).
You must use the search button to lookup Club ID.
Select the tables to show. Club or team fixtures and results are only found for the current season. For a club you may also show a list of all teams with links to England Hockey.
The default is to show fixtures, results and custom leagues as tables. Select 'As List' for mobile friendly alternative, or 'Automatic' to make selection responsive to show as tables by default or as list if viewport < 1024px.
When showing a list of club teams you may add a column with a WebCal link to subscribe to a fixtures calendar.
When showing club wide results and/or fixtures you can select the Show Gender option to have a gender suffix added to the team name. Useful for clubs that have the same names for female and male teams.
The 'Dynamic' option (when available) creates a flexible widget which includes a filter to select results, fixtures and league tables. Select 'Static' if you do not require the filter.
Allow click through from fixture to show fixture detail including scorers, team sheets, cards and officials.
You may filter the fixtures and results using the What`s On field (e.g. What`s On of 14 will only show fixtures in the coming 14 days and results for the last 14 days). The default (clear) for a Club is to show the next match day, and for a Team is to show all match days.
Sort By
Use the sort by field to change the order of fixtures and results e.g. Fixture Time to show by start time on match day or Reverse Date to reverse the default date order.
Calendar Options
The default for the calendar event summary (subject/title) is 'Hockey Fixture' with a suffix to indicate whether game is home (H) or away (A). You may change this default for the WebCal links listed.
Custom League
The table will show form and include an average Points Per Game (PPG) field and be ordered by PPG, goal difference, goals scored and games won. Point adjustments by leagues are excluded, and draws in cup games are treated as such (i.e. full time rather than shootout result).
Enter all the teams you wish to see in the league table, or lookup a club to select teams from that club.
The tables selected and widget/shortcode will be shown when you click on the SHOW button.