Embed GMS match data on your club web site

England Hockey have provided a Game Management System (GMS) to manage fixtures and competitions for all leagues across the country. From the 2022-2023 season, the GMS data is stored in an Azure data warehouse which can be assessed using an API. This GMS Feed web site provides a free web service to help you show fixtures, results and league tables from GMS data on your club web site, and caches the data to reduce traffic to the England Hockey web servers.

Features of GMS Feed Service

  • Full control of table styling using CSS
  • Display fixtures, results and league tables separately
  • Select fixtures and results for a specific team or club wide
  • Filter using "whatson" to only include upcoming fixtures or recent results, and order fixtures by start time and date
  • Cached GMS data on server accessed through AJAX Widget

WordPress Plugin

If you host your club web site using WordPress then you should use the Hockey GMS Feed plugin as a better alternative to this web service. The plugin allows you to use shortcodes to embed fixtures, results and league tables from the England Hockey Game Management System (GMS) in your posts and pages.

Hockey - My Club Games App

From the 2023-24 season this site is making an application available which is intended to give players and supporters a smartphone app to follow their club or team fixtures and results.

Team Fixtures Calendar

If your calendar app supports subscribing to internet calendars (using the WebCal protocol), then you may subscribe to a calendar of team fixtures, updated whenever fixtures are added or changed.

Latest Version

Follow these links to view the change logs and read about the latest features and capabilities.

Terms of Service

Please read the terms of service before using this service. The service is free to use for hockey clubs and affiliated organisations, subject to the service not being abused. You must have permission from EH GMS support to embed GMS data on your club website.