Frequently Asked Questions

For help please check these FAQs if you are having any problems. This "Hockey - My Club Games" application and web site is intended to give players and supporters a smartphone app to follow their club or team fixtures and results.

This site uses the latest web capabilities to allow a "Hockey - My Club Games" app to be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA). It can be used like a web site or installed to work like a standalone application. If your browser does not support service workers or push notifications, then notifications will not be possible and the site will not work as a standalone app. Specifically, please review these guidelines:

  • Javascript must be enabled for this site to work
  • Whichever browser you select we recommend the latest version to enable all features
  • On desktop devices the recommended browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari (from version 17)
  • On iOS/iPadOS devices the recommended browser is Safari (other browsers may work from version 16.4)
  • On Android devices the recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Samsung Internet
  • iOS/iPadOS Push Notifications are only supported from version 16.4 and the app must be added to Home Screen

To use this app you must select your club and team on the Settings page. You will be redirected to settings until you do this. Please note that these settings are unique to each device such as smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

For regular use, we recommend installing this site as an application to have an icon on your home screen. Typically your browser will prompt you to install the site as an application. If you are not prompted then check your browser menu bar and settings for a link to install.

On some devices and browsers you may find that you are required to install the application to use all the features e.g. iOS/iPadOS Push Notifications are only supported from version 16.4 and the app must be added to Home Screen.

Get a push notification on your device if there is a result for any team in your club, or a result for your favourite teams, or if there is a change in fixture time or venue in the 30 days prior to one of your team fixtures. Result notifications are only sent on match days and are checked hourly after the fixture is played.

To enable notifications go to the Settings page. When you enable notifications your browser should prompt you to "Allow" permission. If you have disabled notifications this may not work. To manually intervene check the followings settings:

  • On Chrome (Desktop) - Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > Permissions/Notifications
  • On Chrome (Android) - Settings > Notifications
  • On Chrome (Android) - Settings > Site settings > Notifications
  • On Microsoft Edge (Desktop) - Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Notifications
  • On Safari - Settings > Websites > Notifications
  • iOS/iPadOS - Push Notifications are only supported from version 16.4 and the app must be added to Home Screen (use the Share button)
  • On Safari (iOS/iPadOS) - Settings > Advanced > Experimental Features > Push API / Notifications (check both enabled)

Your app version is v1.9.20 (league column titles responsive to screen size). Once you have installed the app it will be automatically updated when you close and re-open the app.

The first released version (v1.5.x) of the PWA app was made available just prior to the 2023/24 season. The following is a list of the changes with new features since then:

  • 16/04/2024 (v1.9.19) - Added favourites form link to club page
  • 27/03/2024 (v1.9.13) - Links to directions using Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps added to fixture detail
  • 05/03/2024 (v1.9.11) - Click through to fixture details including players and officials
  • 05/11/2023 (v1.9.x) - Various fixes and tweaks to push and page notifications
  • 24/10/2023 (v1.8.x) - Performance improvement with local cache of GMS data
  • 16/10/2023 (v1.7.x) - List view of fixture (rather than table) if viewport < 1024px
  • 20/09/2023 (v1.6.x) - WebCal subscription for fixtures through link on team page

We reserve the right to amend these terms, and will notify you via updates to this page.

  • Fair Use Policy - The service is free to use for hockey clubs and affiliated organisations, subject to the service not being abused. API requests are currently limited to 10 per minute for each IP address. We reserve the right to change these limits to restrict traffic and ensure the service is not overloaded.
  • Service Availability - Occasional outages, whether through hardware, software or network faults, that affect the uptime and service availability, do and will occur from time to time. We take no responsibility for the impact of such disruptions to the service.
  • Website Links - This website contains links to, and content from, other websites operated by parties that are not associated with us ("third parties"). We have no control over the information on these sites. By linking to sites operated by third parties, we are not authorising the reproduction of any material on such websites, as such material may be the subject of intellectual property rights.
  • Disclaimer Statement - The tools and services are provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions in the data provided by this site, and as such bear no responsibility for misuse by you or any person or organisation to which you choose to submit these data.